What Sets Us Apart: NYU Wagner’s Online Master of Health Administration Degree Program

Can online degree programs deliver the same quality of instruction that I would receive in the classroom? Will I feel connected to my fellow online students and professors? Will this degree enrich my career?


If you have questions like these, you’re in the right place. NYU Wagner’s Online Master of Health Administration (MHA) was designed to raise the bar on what online education can deliver. The goal of our online program is to provide industry-relevant and rigorous education to working healthcare professionals. But what does this mean? What are the benefits of online education?


Current student Emil Berengut, a clinical manager of a physical therapy department, explains what makes the program unique: “It is helping me to gain micro-skills as a manager, and macro-skills to understand where healthcare is today.”


To deliver this level of education, we reimagined the entire online learning environment with a focus on connection, excellence, innovation, and a curriculum that is immediately applicable to your work in healthcare. 


The Benefits of Online Learning at NYU Wagner

Creating Connection

Some prospective students express concern that an online program won’t be able to replicate the sense of connection that’s core to traditional classrooms. But with a carefully designed curriculum, well-trained faculty, and innovative technology, online programs can create invaluable space for real-world connections that span different sectors of healthcare across the United States. Emil cites “the chance to interact with talented peers from different professional backgrounds” as a benefit of online learning that sets this degree program apart. 


The small class sizes—on average about 15 students—foster strong connections between peers and instructors. The emphasis on collaboration ensures that students build relationships in order to achieve group success and high-level results. And the second-term, two-and-a-half day, on-campus immersion gives students the chance to cement relationships they’ve already developed through live classroom engagement and group activities and build connections that last into the future. Beyond the cohort experience, NYU’s diverse and extensive global alumni network is a source of support for students.


Online Master’s Degree Programs Reimagined

We all know how much the classroom experience is shaped by the instructor. Imagine being able to access top-tier healthcare experts who live across the country. This is one of the benefits of online education—being able to access mentors and teachers that aren’t bound by geography or timezone. 


Our Online MHA degree is led by top-of-their-field faculty from across the healthcare sector and all over the country, with a commitment to high-quality instruction for working professionals. They meet individually with students and offer virtual office hours, providing students with the support they need. The curriculum is a combination of live, weekly online classes and offline assignments completed outside of class, taking into account the busy lives of working healthcare professionals. Integrated tech ensures a seamless experience when you log in for classroom discussion or assignments. If you can’t log onto class, hit a snag with a video conference, or can’t upload your assignment, you will always be able to reach out to a 24/7 tech support line for help. 


Coursework That Matters

 The MHA is not an abstract degree. What you learn in the classroom has been designed to be immediately applicable to your healthcare career. Instead of waiting until after graduation, the MHA program incorporates effective communication, leadership and ethics, evidence-based management, and career development skills throughout the curriculum to enhance your education and on-the-job experience. Your degree doesn’t culminate with a paper or thesis; in your last term you’ll complete an immersive, group-based healthcare simulation where you will practice working in top-management teams, thinking strategically, and drawing on evidence.


Throughout the program, you may find you’re using a leadership model you discussed in your Managing Healthcare Organizations course to tackle your latest client project, or you might take lessons learned from a recent case study to confront operational inefficiencies in your hospital. You may utilize a new communication strategy for your team reviews, or develop a different strategic plan for a policy rollout based on your work in Principles of Human Resources Management for Healthcare Organizations. 


Current student Monica Moscoso, who works at New York-Presbyterian Hospital,  explains: “I’m not only learning about hospital administration, I’m learning about the different components of strategically planning my next career steps.” Whatever the challenge you’re facing, your MHA gives you tools for tackling it head-on.


As you consider taking the next step to advance your career in healthcare, reach out with your questions about our Online MHA program, and learn more about the benefits of online education at NYU Wagner. Whether you are wondering about the curriculum and online learning experience or ready to start your application, we’re here to help. 


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