Insights from Wagner

Online MHA Alumni in Action: Joycee Jacob

Joycee Jacob shares that the best part of the MHA program was being in the NYU Wagner community and learning from very successful healthcare leaders who have ignited change in their own careers. 

Online MHA Alumni in Action: Colleen Pike Blair

Colleen Pike Blair shares with us her passion for resolving health disparities and how she found a tight community in the MHA program. 

Online MHA Alumni in Action: Imantha Ambrose

Imantha Ambrose discusses her favorite part of the Online MHA program and future career aspirations. 

Student Spotlight: Fatima Niakate

Fatima Niakate, the recipient of the 2021 Award of Distinction Scholarship from the Healthcare Leaders of New York, tells us what inspired her to go into the field of social work and her favorite part of working at NYU Langone Health. 

Online MHA Alumni in Action: Rutika Naik

Rutika Naik shares why she was drawn to the Online MHA program and her advice to prospective students. 

Online MHA Alumni in Action: Dennis Liu

Dennis Liu shares with us his career background at the time of joining NYU Wagner and his favorite part of the Online MHA program. 

NYU Wagner’s Online MHA Faculty are Making Moves

Over the last six months, some NYU Wagner faculty acquired exciting and challenging new roles in the midst of COVID-19. Joseph Benjamin Brence, Claire Celeste Carnes, and Justin Crocketts’s experiences on the frontlines proved even more invaluable for NYU Wagner students, serving as teaching moments for up-and-coming healthcare professionals faced with an unprecedented global pandemic.

How NYU’s Online MHA Program Reimagined Immersion

Each semester, NYU Wagner’s Online MHA students look forward to attending one of the program’s biggest draws: Immersion, a two-and-a-half day residential experience in New York City. With the unexpected onset of COVID-19, the offering was canceled indefinitely. However, the skills gained from Immersion were simply too important to delay, and the curriculum was mapped in such a way that students needed to gain the credits—and the content—as soon as possible. So the team stepped back and reimagined Immersion from scratch.

The Politics of Healthcare: Insights from Professor Judy Baker

In addition to her work at NYU and Cura Adavnatge, Professor Judy Baker is a well-regarded politician. A former Missouri state representative, she ran in 2020 for the Missouri State Senate, largely to help further a mission of healthcare equity and expand Medicaid, which has so far not been successful in Missouri.

Meet the Online MHA Faculty: A Conversation with Dr. Jamie Partridge

Dr. Jamie Partridge, PhD, MBA, a US Field Health Economics and Outcomes Research Director at Bayer Pharmaceuticals and a Senior Lecturer of Health Administration at NYU Wagner, discusses her career path and how a master's degree in Health Administration prepares students for a a wide variety of healthcare careers. 

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