On-Demand Webinars

Hear from NYU Wagner students, alumni, faculty, and Admissions and Career Development staff at one of our past events.



Careers in Healthcare: Why Graduate School?

NYU Wagner faculty and staff from our Offices of Admissions and Career Services discuss how the skills and networks developed during graduate school provide unique opportunities for healthcare management professionals.



Online MHA Student Experience 

Online MHA students share their perspective on the innovative online technology, relevant courses, and network of faculty and peers, as well as why they chose NYU Wagner's Online MHA program.



Impact Healthcare Across the US: Online Master of Health Administration at NYU

Hear from a current student, as well as faculty member Professor Rick Gannotta, discuss how the Online MHA degree program engages and connects students with peers, faculty, and alumni across the country to build the leadership, management, and critical thinking skills that prepare you to become a senior healthcare leader, from wherever you are located.

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